Automatic Social Lock

Automatic lock content from users until they Like, Plus or Tweet your desired URL

Automatic Social Lock is a WordPress plugin that gives the ability to lock any content on your website. Special thanks to you for companionship and use WeOnTech for your content distribution, feel free and enjoy to use it!

  • Allow you to add thousands of fans to your WordPress site on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter with almost no work.
  • Automatically locks any type of content until the user shares it.
  • Cookies remember users who have alread unlocked your content.
  • Cross-Browser Tested.
  • Absolutly no need to edit or input any code.
  • Simple install the plugin. It is installed as any WordPress plugin. And you done!


  • Choose to apply on all pages, all posts or select individually the pages you want
  • Define your desired URL
  • Countdown Timer
  • Show/Hide close button
  • Show/Hide countdown timer
Click here to download